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This website was produced by AIM - Alcohol in Moderation

AIM – Alcohol in Moderation was founded in 1991 as an independent not for profit organisation whose role is to communicate “The Responsible Drinking Message” and to summarise and log relevant research, legislation, policy and campaigns regarding alcohol, health, social and policy issues.

AIM Mission Statement

  • To work internationally to disseminate accurate social, scientific and medical research concerning responsible and moderate drinking
  • To strive to ensure that alcohol is consumed responsibly and in moderation
  • To encourage informed and balanced debate on alcohol, health and social issues
  • To communicate and publicise relevant medical and scientific research in a clear and concise format, contributed to by AIM’s Council of 20 Professors and Specialists
  • To publish information via on moderate drinking and health, social and policy issues – comprehensively indexed and fully searchable without charge
  • To educate consumers on responsible drinking and related health issues via and publications, based on national government guidelines enabling consumers to make informed choices regarding drinking
  • To inform and educate those working in the beverage alcohol industry regarding the responsible production, marketing, sale and promotion of alcohol
  • To distribute AIM Digest Online without charge to policy makers, legislators and researchers involved in alcohol issues
  • To direct enquiries towards full, peer reviewed or referenced sources of information and statistics where possible
  • To work with organisations, charities, companies and associations to create programmes, materials and policies built around the responsible consumption of alcohol.

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AIM’s educational outreaches are managed through the Alcohol Education Trust, a charitable arm with teachers solely as trustees.

The Alcohol Education Trust has a very specific remit – the provision of alcohol education in different ways, to pupils age 11 - 16, their parents and to provide coherent and up to date accurate resources and lesson plans for teachers. For frther details about the trust, visit is a five hundred page web resource of lesson plans, quizzes and interactive games for 11–16 year olds. The site is endorsed by The PSHE Association and has been highlighted as an excellent resource by the DCSF (now the Dept for Education). There are separate web areas for teachers and parents on the site and resources produced for the Alcohol Education Trust are available from this website.

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